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Ron Affee


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Spontaneity is necessity. Working in plein-air (painting on site) with oil, no less, necessitates an impressionistic style – working quickly, to keep the image from changing too much. Think of how quickly a cloud goes by, how rapidly the image changes each second – forming into this, into that. This is what Affee captures. The fleeting moment of the Florida landscape he has learned to paint quickly, capturing its essence. While some images are created from pencil, watercolor, or oil sketches, these land and sky scapes create an image as well as feeling of connectedness to our environment. These are not only about the compositions, but also about color, creation, and the awe of nature.

Ron Affee’s work has been featured and now on permeant collection at the Appleton Museum of Art.

The Appleton Biannual
The definition of Plein Air or en plein air, is a French phrase that translates “in the open air”. Plein air is pronounced plan air or sometimes plane air. This term is used to describe paintings that have been created outdoors, rather than in the studio. Photo reference is not used.

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Free Classes, Meetup groups in Inverness, Hernando, Citrus Hills and Ocala

Free Classes, Meetup groups in Inverness, Hernando, Citrus Hills and Ocala